Thursday, December 15, 2011

#reflect11: Day 2

During the year of  2011 I have had more than a few moments that I am truly thankful for:

  •  I  am THANKFUL for reconnecting with a few people that I lost touch with over the past few years. From short non-verbal dialogues, blogging tips, and day long brunches I appreciate each and every one of them and glad they continue to be (large or small) a part of my life.

  • I am THANKFUL for having the courage and faith to start this blog. Although it is still a tiny fish in a rather large ocean I am proud of my accomplishment.

  • I am THANKFUL for having the time, resources, and audaciousness to leave the Unites States for two weeks and travel to Barbados and Grenada. Although at times I  was uncertain of what the outcome would have been in the end I learned a lot and developed myself in the process.

  • I am THANKFUL for the growth I have made in my career.

  • I am THANKFUL for my new found courage; this year I have found myself in a few situations that required me to step out of my shell and be myself.

  • I am THANKFUL for this moment and the ability to count my blessings.

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