Sunday, December 4, 2011

A New Hair Regimen Is Born

Hey Folks.

As a new year begins to creep up on us I am rethinking some of my hair practices. As you may remember about a month ago I had my hair trimmed by a professional hair stylist. Now that the majority of my split ends have been removed I want to really focus on having healthy, well moisturized, length retaining, hair. Despite trying a multitude of new things over the past year, including protective styling and abolishing all things heat, I have not been able to achieve this goal. For 2012 I have decided to focus on three key things in an effort to have healthier hair:

(1) Low Maintenance Hair Styling- Essentially I will be wearing twists for the majority of the next few months. No Puffs, very little twist-outs, and all in all minimal touching. I plan on simply leaving my hair alone and letting it do what it does.

(2) Proper Detangling- I will admit that I may not be the most patient person.-_- Therefore my previous detangling practices were probably not the best which can lead to breakage and single strand knots.One thing I have learned recently is that the product you use to detangle your hair is just as important as how you detangle. It's all about slip!

(3) Moisture, Moisture, Moisture.- This may seem like the simplest of them all but honestly keeping my hair moist has been a  complete mystery to me. For months I felt as if I have tried it all. From regular misting to sealing and resealing and  by midweek my hair was either dry as a chip or super slick/greasy (letting my soul glow).

With these new goals in mind I decided to make a few changes to my hair regimen. I think I found the winning combination (beginners luck). Here's what I did:

I started off by washing my hair with my two sample packs of Miss Jessie's Super Slip Sudsy Shampoo that I received at the Shecky's Girls Night Out event. Yes, those packs are not that big (.33 fl. oz's to be exact) however I used approximately one pack on each half of my head.  The reason I opted for the Miss Jessies rather than one of my other shampoos (ie. HE's Hello Hydration) was because of the claim on the package, "The best darn detangling shampoo period". I must say that this shampoo has the most slip I have ever felt in any hair product. The only product that I would say comes close to this would be Kinky Curly's Knot Today.  I was tempted to detangle my hair using this shampoo alone but I opted to add my Joico Moisture Recovery Conditioner to the mix. Detangling was an absolute breeze. My wide tooth glided through each section of my hair for the first time EVER! This is a winning combination in my book.

After my hair was fully detangled I rinsed it out and prepared my Rhassoul Clay in order to apply it to my hair. This was my first time using Rhassoul Clay although I purchased it months ago.I opted to use it this time around in hopes of it adding moisture to my dry strands and detoxifying my scalp.

I added some of my Organic Olive Oil, Joico Moisture Recovery Conditioner, and warm water to the clay and mixed with the end of my comb (I had no plastic utensils and was not sure how the clay would react to metal). Unfortunately I did not pre-measure the amount of each  product, my main goal was to create a smooth paste. After completing this I applied the mixture to each section of my hair. The Rhassoul was easy to apply and not as messy as applying Henna ( I was relieved that I did not have to worry about staining my bathroom red).

<><> <> <><> <> <><> <>
Rhassoul applied to hair.
I ended up leaving the Rhassoul in my hair overnight simply because it was already late. I placed a plastic bag over my head then tied it and wrapped my head with my hair scarf. The next morning I simply rinsed it out of my hair while my hair was still in twists. I was concerned that there would be residual clay in my hair but fortunately it was all rinsed out.

<><> <> <><> <> <><> <>
My attempt to show what my hair looked like after rinsing the clay out.

My hair felt AMAZING. It had its own natural sheen and was soft to the touch. Needless to say I was extremely pleased with the results. I applied my Kera Care leave in conditioner throughout my hair along with my Vatika Oil and then twisted my hair in mini twists. I used Kera Care's Defining Custard to create each twist and Jane Carter's Nourish and Shine to the ends of each twist to make sure they remained moist.

<><> <> <><> <> <><> <>
These two Kera Care products are PH balanced.
The results:

<><> <> <><> <> <><> <>
Please ignore that strange

What do you think? I'm actually on week three of these twists and plan to take them down at the end of the week.  I'll keep you all posted on my progress.


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