Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Another challenge....But this time I will stick with it! : )

As I was browsing the net this evening I came across a post written by another blogger, Carnival Divaz,  in regards to a 12 Days of Reflection Challenge created by To be completely transparent this post intrigued me because I am definitely in the midst of a crucial time period in my life. As I have been searching for direction, guidance, and a plan for the next steps, I have hit a road block. I was considering continuing my Rosetta Thurman Life Reset Challenge  until I came across this new challenge. Maybe this is where I need to start; simply reflecting on the blessings and hiccups of 2011. So here I 1(I think the challenge is currently at day be it):

This question was difficult for me because it is a definite toss up between "On the Brink..." and "Valley of Uncertainty". 2011 was the year I started this blog, the year that I lost my car, the year that I traveled to Grenada for the first time, the year that I spoke my truth, the year that I finally decided to get fit, the year that I realized I have so much more ways to grow, the year that I finally decided I wanted to move on to the next step in my life, the year that I felt heartache in a way I haven't ever before, the year I told one of my parents exactly what I thought, the year I realized that it was a time for a career shift...  I could go on for a while. The one thing I know for certain is that 2012 HAS to better than 2011! 2012 will be called "Moving Up and Over"! What would YOU name 2011? What do you plan on naming 2012?

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