Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Smoke and Mirrors

Hey folks,

Trinidad Carnival is less than 12 weeks away and I have finally started to buckle down  and get myself in shape. Some steps I have taken thus far are eating healthier (more fruits and veggies) and taking military boot camp classes twice per week. In addition to this  I have been visiting Yuma's website and staring at my Azteca costume in order to keep myself motivated. I have a goal in mind for what I would like my ideal carnival body to look like and I have no intention of relaxing until I achieve my goal. Well that was how I felt until earlier today. Today while on YouTube I came across a video that made me rethink my obsession with having the "perfect" carnival body.

What are your thoughts on these pictures?  How often do these retouched photographs cause you to question a part of yourself?

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