Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Atlantic City Carnival NYC Launch....The Recap

 This past Friday night found me in Queens... yes, Queens for the launch of Atlantic City's 2nd Annual Carnival. All in all I had a good time...the dj was pumping, the dance floor was full of energy, and the bartenders were on their best behavior. More importantly I was able to get a first hand look at the four sections "they" (I haven't quite figured out WHO is providing the costumes) had on display.

First impression: the costumes were nice. Simple, especially if you compare them with other North American carnival costumes (ie. Caribanna), but nice. What does stand out about these costumes is that they are a tad on the conservative side. You will not find any wire bra's, thongs, skimpy waist belts, or jeweled undies on the AC boardwalk this summer. Why? My guess is that it is all about lthe ocation. Atlantic City in July is filled with tourists (men, women, boys, and girls)  and many of them will be people who have never been exposed to Carnival before.Therefore I believe AC carnival is attempting to be more modest  and not to shock the unsuspecting toursits. Although I understand the rationale I do wonder what other measures will be taken (if any) to keep AC carnival on the modest, sailor mas, chipping down the road, conservative side.

All in all I believe Atlantic City Carnival would be great for anyone who wanted to simply be a spectator, someone who was interested in playing mas in a more relaxed atmosphere, or someone who has never played mas at all.

f you are interested in playing mas, inquiring about the fete schedule, or you are simply curious about AC carnival checkout the website www.atlanticcitycarnival2012.com  OR the thread on islandmix.com

For those of you going I will see you there! 


  1. Great review.
    I'll see you there!

  2. Thanks... yes I need to buy my tickets soon!


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