Friday, May 11, 2012

Red Table Talks... Looks Like a Must See!

Jada Pinket Smith is definitely in my top ten of women of color I admire. From where I stand she seems to be a wise, insightful, and passionate person and a great mother. I admire the fearlessness she exhibited when she started her band, Wicked Wisdom; the audaciousness (and rationale) she illustrated  when she posed in the nude for Essence magazine; and her longevity in an industry where people seems as disposable as a plastic bag.

It should be no surprise that I totally support her latest endeavour  (and encourage you all to do the same), Red Table Talks. In this film Jada has the cameras rolling as she sits at the table with her daughter Willow, and her mother Adrienne Banfield-Jones, while having a candid conversation about motherhood, daughterhood, regrets, hopes, mistakes, and life in the spotlight. Lately I have been a part of a few conversations about mother and daughter relationships and the trials and tribulations that sometimes simply comes with the territory.  Open communication though often seems like the missing piece and the cause of tension in mother/daughter relationships. Imagine if we all could sit at the table with generations of women in our families. It would be dynamic to hear their stories firsthand, speak your truth about your own experiences and simply be vulnerable and in the frame of mind to learn, heal, and grow as a person. The trailer for Red Table Talks alone can  stimulate emotions and generate some powerful discussions. I look forward to its debut this Sunday...

What do you think?

Please click HERE for the longer version featured on The Huffington Post!

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