Thursday, May 24, 2012

Natural Hair Icon: Alicia Keys

So, the other day while I was in the midst of conducting my massive manhunt for a formal natural hair style (yep...I am still at it) I came across pictures of Alicia Keys at the Billboard Music Awards a few weeks ago.

Fire!!! I LOVE this style. It is simple but definitely fierce. I rarely ever think of Alicia Keys when I am looking for natural hair inspiration because her hair texture does not resemble my own  but CLEARLY I have been missing out.  Remember when Alicia Keys  would only rock her signature cornrows...

although they were always fresh and creative they are nothing like the styles she has been sporting lately.

Alicia at the American Music Awards

Alicia at the  Grammys ...

Alicia Keys NYE 

Who is her stylist? I love the fact that she still incorporates braids in her hair styles and often in ways that you would never expect. Don't think you can replicate these styles on your own? I beg to differ. Most of these styles begin with a slicked back high ponytail... add some Marley hair or Kanekalon hair, braid it, pin it, and your good to go.

I may be over simplifying the process just a tad but I do believe you can create your own version of these hot looks.

Check out these YouTubers for inspiration:

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