Saturday, May 12, 2012

Hair Update: Pinned-Up Twist Out

Hey Peeps,

I finally took those twists out!! Well, sort of. I am pretty sure that there are still a few that I missed but I will find them when I wash my hair tomorrow (hopefully).

I am so glad that I took these pictures. Only then did I realize that the back of my hair was looking a little cray. I'm going out later this evening so I'll be sure to part my hair with a comb instead of my fingers...;0)

What I did:
After untwisting my hair I took a damp hair brush and brushed the sides of my hair. Using  Castor Oil along with my Organic Root Stimulator Edge Control Gel to help keep my hair "slicked" down  I rolled and pinned each side of my hair. Afterwards I tied my hair with head scarf for about 30 minutes. Once I removed the scarf I fluffed the twists in the front and added a litttle Jane Carter nourish and Shine for sheen. It was pretty simple to do and maintain.

How do you style your twistout?

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