Friday, May 11, 2012

NYC: AC Carnival Launches Tonight!


  1. Awww...Sorry I missed you! I was there standing by the exit...the whole night. Are you going to any launches in Brookyn?

  2. Me too! Ughh!
    I forgot to come back and check your blog pictures yesterday before I went there so I would be able to pick you out of the crowd so I wasn't exactly sure of what you looked like and didn't want to tap a random person saying hey are you kinkychronicle? SMH
    I DID se you!
    I just came to get my tickets squared off for the events in AC so we took care of that and left right after.
    I had on a black tunic with leggings. Me and my bestie went together ... we're both pretty tall. Did you see us?
    I thought you were either the one by the exit or another girl standing near us also with natural hair. LOL
    Which launches will you attend?
    Now I know what you look like and you can't escape me, lol

  3. Cool...not sure which launches I will attend but I am trying to attend as many as possible.

  4. Ok, well perhaps I'll see you there.


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