Tuesday, May 17, 2011

5 Summer Must Haves: # 1 The Romper

As Memorial Day weekend, the unofficial start of summer, approaches I can't help but be lured to some of my favorite clothing stores in order to pick a "few" items to spruce up my wardrobe. However, because of my budget I am limited in regards to how much I can buy as a result I narrowed down my wish list to five basic essentials that would give anyone's summer wardrobe a boost. Today's pick: 

The Romper:

Why I love it? In my world there is nothing better than a one piece outfit. Case in point, my favorite item to wear to work is a dress because it takes most of the work out of looking put together. So when I was introduced to the romper I was in love with its simplicity. They come in a multitude of styles: short, long, capri, halter, tube top, sweetheart, solid, floral, stripped, casual, dressy, in cotton, silk, or linen, pocket less, or pocketful, so the possibilities are endless. I have to be honest, I shunned the romper when it began appearing  in my favorite stores because I have a short torso and did not believe any romper would fit me correctly, but I was wrong. After trying on a few rompers I learned which styles worked for me.  Here are a few looks I like:  

Beyonce... preppy plaid

Rihanna ...keeping it casual

Rihanna...dressing it up

Meagan Good

Me...looking a little scared...but you get the point...lol
Try Forever21 and Target if your unterested in trying out the romper look for less!!!

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