Monday, May 23, 2011

5 Summer Must Haves: #2 The Crop Top

Ri Ri Rocking a Tribal Print  Crop Top

 To be 100% honest I cringed when I realized that the crop top would be a definite must have for yet another summer. Why? Lets just say the song "Tuk In Yuh Belly" comes to mind when I think of showing off my midsection. ; 0 )  Lately  however,  I have noticed the versatility of the crop top. Some looks to try: pair one with a high waisted skirt, drape one over a slim fitting maxi dress, or simply add a tank top underneath to add dimension to your outfit. What I love most about this piece is that it can be a casual every day option or coordinated with heels for a more glamorous event. Here are some looks I liked:
Solange...Crop Top and High Waist Bottom

I love this look

Kelly Rowland...keeping it simple
  Not convinced? Do you want to try making one yourself at home before you commit to purchasing one? Well, get an over sized shirt, a pair of scissors, and click play! Enjoy!

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