Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Labor Day 2011: Brooklyn are you ready??

It's that time of year again! Time for New York City Mas Bands to display their costumes and  open their mas camps. Here is my line up so far! Stay tuned for pics.

Sesame Flyers


Exotica Mas

La Bal de La Masquerade

an Evening of Mystique and Seduction

Date: Saturday June 11, 2011

Place: Char-lena Chateau 3820 Church Ave

If you miss this, there will be repercussions

Unwind your mind

Expect to wine

After all, it’s Carnival time!

Special Thanks to Vincy Foreign Based

For further information, contact Exotica Mas: 347-749-8080 or
Exotica Mas

Join the 2010 Band of the Year Champions as we showcase our 2011 Labor Day Theme:
"A Night of a Thousand Dreams"
Do You Dare to Dream??
Prepare for your Senses to be AWAKEN like never before...

DJs: GB God Bless, GBM, Spoil Brattz, Infamous Sounds, Pantrin Vybez, Hyperactive Sounds. Lots of guest surprises!!

Limited Advance Tix goes sale April 30th!!
Ticket Locations:
RAMAJAY Mas Band House: 950 East 92nd Street
Online @
Simply Click Play Or Click Thru Flyers To Enter Gallery
Ramajay Committee Members

Location: RAMAJAY Mas Camp (Indoor/Outdoor Venue)
950 East 92nd Street. Between Foster & Farragut

Doors open 6pm

Live Model Fashion Show! Registration begins after show!!

Ramajay Mas

Karma Band... Official Launching should take place this June

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