Sunday, May 15, 2011

Confessions of a Soca Addict!!!


There are only a few things I obsess over more than hair, and one of them is CARNIVAL! I love every aspect of Carnival: the soca music, the people, the fetes, the costumes, the glamour, and most of all just the ability to let go and be FREE! So there should be NO surprise when I say that as we speak I have my plane tickets and lodging for Barbados' Crop Over 2k11, Grenada's Spice Mas 2k11, and of course Trinidad Carnival 2012!!  Madness ....I know. Be on the look out for posts about band launchings, costumes, fetes, and all things carnival. Thinking about hitting up a Carnival this summer  (there are quite a few) or perhaps experiencing The Greatest Show on Earth aka Trinidad's Carnival? Need a little inspiration? Click play, sit back, and enjoy the vibes.

Lil Rick-->Work--Crop Over 2k11 <--
I LOVE this song ; o )

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