Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Rockie's Big Chop--Part Two

All in all Rockies big chop experience was a good one. She left Khamit Kinks with her curls popping and a list of the products they used in her hair, she was all set.

Unfortunately she  did notice a couple of straight strands present in her hair days after her big chop which left her a little dissapointed because she thought that they would have ALL been removed. She actually plans on visiting a barberer this weekend to "even" up her fro. (Ladies please tell me if this is a common post big chop experience...I'm curious).

Rockie, her cuz, and I ...Post BC

How's that for a texture shot? ; 0 )
I have to confess I never thought Rockie would actually become a natural. Why? Simply because she has transisitoned a few times before and gave up and reverted back to her relaxer. She was about six months in when I finally realized she was in this for the long run. Here are a few of her transitioning hair styles:

Blown Out Roots

Sleek Ponytail

Rockie (rod set) and I (flat twist) last summer ...

Braidout...Rockie decided to cut her permed ends little by little as she transitioned...

Curly Fro

Bantu Knot-Out

Kinky Twist

Kinky Twist

Kinky Twist

After Rockie took this pic she decided it was time for her big chop

It's official Rockie is a Natural Beauty....

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