Monday, May 2, 2011

Rockie's Big Chop--Part One


I honestly think I was more excited about this day than  one of my closest friends Rockie was. As I took pictures in the train station, tweeted our every step via my blackberry, and rambled on about how great the day was Rockie smiled nervously while we made our way  to Khamit Kinks. Don't get me wrong, she was ready. Rockie had transitioned for over a year and was completely over her dual textured hair she was just nervous about what that would actually look like.

Why Khamit Kinks? I thought this location would be perfect because it was a natural hair salon in Brooklyn that came highly recommended by a young woman I met at a natural hair meet up. I myself have never had a big chop (I transitioned via braids ) and I thought why not get pampered on such an occasion.

When we arrived inside the receptionist was very pleasant. She advised us to hang up our coats and offered us tea as we waited for Rockie's stylist to prepare himself. YES, HIMSELF. Her stylist was a guy I wrote about in my post about  the Curls In The City Meet-Up at Khamit Kinks. The women who received  product demonstrations from him sang his praises all night, needless to say I was excited about him being Rockie's stylist. As we waited I grew hungry and Rockie's cousin and I decided to go to the store around the corner, unfortunately her stylist was ready at the same time. I informed that I would be back shortly and not to start chopping before I returned because I needed to document it. He agreed (at least I thought he did) and moments later Rockie called and said the deed was done! I was outraged!

When I returned I asked her stylist why he didn't wait and he stated something about the salon not condoning  picture taking and I could take before and after photos. Huh? This is a NATURAL HAIR SALON one of my closest friends was getting her BIG CHOP done. Shouldn't they understand the magnitude of the moment? More importantly didn't Khamit Kinks recently host their own Big Chop event. I didn't argue with him in order to not spoil the day and simply took the flash off the camera and took some more pictures.

This is what Rockie looked like when I ran back to the salon. Chop complete!
Rockie opted for a wash and go this time around and before I knew it her transformation was complete.
Isn't she adorable! Stay tuned for Part 2, complete with pictures of Rockies transition styles (and #stylefails) and more photos from her big chop day!

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