Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Day 5 (finally) Personal Mission Statement

Day 5 of this challenge asks you to create a mission statement with the goal of in essence defining who you are as a perosn and what your purpose is in life.Although at the first the task seems relatively daunting Rosetta Thurman does stress the fact that this is just a draft and as you grow and evolve so will your personal statement. Here's my first stab at it:

I am a strong woman of color of West Indian decent who not only realizes and admires the path that her ancestors paved but strives to blaze her own trail. I value independence, success, living a fruitful life, integrity, love, wisdom, and close personal connections with people (family, friends, people I work with). In order to continue being successful I will push myself to learn and grow constantly through formal education, life experiences, and speaking with others who have come before me. I will continually reassess my life in an effort to determine what steps should be taken to continue to improve myself. I will travel in order to gain knowledge of the world by witnessing first hand other peoples realities. I will not put all my time and energy into work but also into developing relationships with people and expanding my own personal horizons. I will always strive to have my voice heard and speak my personal truth in a polite, firm, and respectful manner. I will always remember that my thoughts and opinions matter and my voice deserves to be heard. I will continue to be a role model to other children of color through my current work and pursue other forums where I and others like myself can be  mentors to children. I will also continue to use my blog as a platform to be a role model to other young women. Last but not least I will continue to push myself by way of this challenge and other personal development materials.

Day 6...up next. 


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