Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Product Junkie is Back!

I am a recovering  hair product junkie and I must say I was doing pretty well for the past few weeks. I haven't bought any new hair products since my Jane Carter binge at the Chic and Kinky natural hair event.  I even attended the Respect The Kink Natural Hair Meet-Up and walked past every vendor with my debit card secured in my purse (although the sample I Love My Fro leave-in spray makes me wish I bought it when I had a chance). Sadly though I broke my streak by purchasing a bottle of Organix Renewing Moroccan Argan Oil conditioner and suprisingly I have NO regrets.

Why haven't I tried this product line before, was one of the first questions I asked myself after rinsing the conditioner out. Then I remembered a Youtube video by natural hair vlogger Rustic Beauty where she announced that she would no longer be buying the Organix  product  line because its ingredients weren't all organic as suggested by the name. Once I heard that I vowed never to buy the product line either. However when I saw the bonus size bottle (50% more), the words Argan Oil (I've been curious about this oil for a while), and the (misplaced) sign that said it was on sale, I decided to go for it. At the time I wasn't expecting much I was just looking for a conditioner to co-wash with. and if I didnt see the Organix conditioner  I would have just as soon as bought a bottle of Suave in that moment.

I used this conditioner in my hair this past Sunday alone without any other products (I'm a mixtress at heart so this alone is incredible). The first thing I noticed was that I loved the smell followed by its amazing slip. My hair is prone to tangles and knots so I am always looking for products to help ease the process. After working the conditioner in each section of my hair (I parted it in about six sections) I sat under my Huetiful steamer for 30 minutes, detangled my hair afterwards , and then rinsed out the conditioner. My hair felt noticeably soft to the touch immediately and remained tangle free through the styling process. I followed up with the I Love My Fro leave-in, my Shea Moisture growth milk, and a few drops of Vatika oil. My hair felt amazing the next day without the excess grease and I was pleased that it was moisturized without being weighed down with oils ( I can say that I never actually thought this was a possible feat for my hair). This is definitely an item I plan on re purchasing once its finished for co-washing. As I was looking for a picture of the bottle online I found out that there is a  Renewing Moroccan Argan Oil Treatment for 7.99. The product junkie in me wants to reach for my purse ;0). Give it a try and let me know what you thnk!

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