Sunday, July 24, 2011

Day 7--Write Your Ideal Life Narrative

Where is Day 6 you ask? I skipped it! Day 6's challenge was to draw your life map using the seven sectors of your life (finance, relationship, lifestyle, etc) as your areas of focus. Although I watched Rosetta's video in which she went over the steps she took (and her mom as well) to create her own life map, it wasn't useful (in my opinion) in helping me create my own. The workbook that Rosetta created to help you through this process of creating a life map was removed from the site with promises of bringing a bigger and better version to the site in the near future. Until then I decided to move on to day 7.

Day 7's challenge asks you to simply transcribe what your ideal life would look like all while speaking in the present tense. This is an activity I have done with some kids that I have worked with in the past and it was interesting to be the one "creating " this ideal life. Although I understand the purpose of making a statement about what you want as a way of (or the first step to) making it your reality but while thinking about my "ideal" life I couldn't help but feel like it was slightly unrealistic. Without further delay, my narrative:

I live in Washington D.C, Miami, or in New York City in a residential community not far from the hustle and bustle of city living but with a community vibe. My home is large enough for me to entertain guests on a regular basis and also has a small rental property. It is ordinary for people to come over for backyard bbq's, game nights, movie nights, and simply dinner or a drink. I am a well-known lifestyle blogger that people look to for advice and ideas on all things natural hair as well as Carnival. My blog is doing so well that it generates its own income by way of advertising on the site. I am constantly invited to speak at Natural Hair events to share my experience, trials, and pitfalls with natural hair. I have successfully started a series of natural hair meet-ups for teens and tweens interested in embarking on or are currently on their natural hair journey. In addition to this I continue my work as a counselor counseling young women in a private practice focusing on self-esteem, positive self-image, and creating and achieving goals. In addition to this I have a girls mentoring program that I have launched in several public schools in the region that I live which extends the same services to inner city girls as I give in my private practice. In an effort to continue my education I take many classes in various topics from cooking classes, to belly dance, to sandal making classes. I work for myself mainly and I am financially stable. I spend my downtime enjoying vacations throughout the world and on a bi-yearly basis with close friends. I also regularly visit Trinidad and Barbados for their carnival seasons for my personal enjoyment. I have relationships that are close in nature with my family and friends which is illustrated by how often they visit my home. In addition to this I have an outgoing, ambitious, driven, humorous, supportive and loving partner who is always pushing me to keep on breaking barriers and becoming successful. We are planning to have a child (or have one) in the near future. I exercise regularly and maintain a well-balanced diet daily.

Sounds like a modern day fairy tale. Let's see what Day 8's challenge brings.

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