Monday, July 4, 2011

Hair Style of the Week...Vacation Recap

Hi people! Just thought I would share some pictures of my hairstyles that I wore while I was on vacation the past two weeks. I was going to wash my hair today however I haven't had the opporunity to do so all day and now I'm too tired. Maybe posting these pics will inspire me as well. When I washed my hair two weeks ago I had to style my hair quickly. So I opted for two large flat twists in the back with small individual twist in the front.

Sorry, this is not the best pic of the hairstyle but its similar to the way my hair was styled in this post.
After rocking this style for about a week I decided to change it up a bit and wear my go to style, a puff.
Me (rocking a puff with a twist out bang) and my Trini  friend Mannie window shopping at Ikea. I was in love with that table.

Close up shot of my hair. (Puff with a twist out bang.)

I wore this style only for one day because I felt guilty for not protecting the ends of my hair. In addition to this I felt the hairstyle made me feel even more juvenile looking than usual. That evening I saturated my hair with my Jane Carter Leave-In Conditioner spray and same Vatika Oil then twisted my hair using my Shealo cream. After my hair was twisted I pinned up the back section and attempted to pin the front as well. However the front of my hair is shorter (since cutting off my heat damaged section) as a result it did not cooperate with me. Most times I wore it without pinning the twists in the front.
At Machel Montano's Back In Brooklyn Fete (Flat twists and individual twist pinned up in the back.)
Showing off! ; ) Please ignore that one twist doing it's own thing. : )

What should I do next?

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