Monday, July 25, 2011

Life Reset Day 8-Reflect, Comment, Connect

Today's challenge was to reflect on the previous challenges completed thus far and answer the following:

  • What was the most important thing you learned about yourself this week?
  • What has been your favorite exercise so far?
  • Which exercise did you struggle with the most and why?

  • Reflect:

    I decided to embark on this challenge originally because I felt my life was stagnant and although I had accomplished a few things I was not sure what my next steps should be. The only thing I was sure of was that I was not satisfied with this (my current life) being the all I accomplish in life. With that being said I learned that I have a few paths that I can choose to go down that will possibly change my lifestyle. I also realized that there are a few stark differences between the life I want and the life I have that can be fixed with a little effort on my part. Lastly, I learned that I start a lot of projects but have a tendency to not follow though (ie. this challenge) and if I want to master anything I have to stick with it. My favorite exercises were creating my personal mission statement and conducting the life assessment. These two exercises forced me to dissect myself in a meaningful way and decide who I wanted to ultimately become. I struggled with yesterday’s assignment to create my ideal life narrative not because the task was difficult to complete but because I questioned how that would assist me in the present.


    I would like to take this opportunity to say thanks you to a person that I started this challenge with. In fact they are the reason I am trying this challenge a second time around again and the reason why although I am exhausted I am making it a priority to write this post. Thanks for pushing me, sending messages asking where my posts are, and flagging my spelling errors. More importantly thank you for diligently completing the challenge yourself and being the example. Keep plugging away at this challenge, continue to reflect on yourself and grow, and don’t be afraid to make some real changes in your life.

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