Thursday, July 7, 2011

Do You Length Check?

A picture from the only time I ever did a length check.
This evening I realized that it has been over a year since I have stopped wearing extensions in my hair and decided to actually begin taking care of my natural hair. After the initial moments of pride I began to wonder, has any of this made a difference? Has my hair grown? Is it healthier? Have I learned to manage it? The honest answer is I am not sure. I tried to compare pictures like this one:

August 2010
to this one:

Hair March 2011

Or even this picture: 

August 2010

to this picture.

February 2011
However, I can not say with great certainty that my hair has grown. Yes, it looks like there is some difference in the pictures but that could be do to other factors as well (wet styling vs. dry styling). Not being able to tell if my hair has grown makes all the effort I made seem like it was all in vein. As a result, from here on out as I continue this journey I will take pictures at least every three months and document my hair growth more accurately. Do you conduct hair length checks? If so, how often?

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