Thursday, January 6, 2011

Allow Me to Re-Introduce Myself

Hello loves!!! Welcome to my blogging debut. At the end of the year 2010 I decided to make some changes in my life with the goal of taking control of it. A lot of came out of that desire, different ideas and some refreshing changes. One of which was starting this blog to document my journey into healthy natural hair as a young woman living in New York City (as well as everything else I see and experience along the way). This is actually my second time around as a natural chica. After leaving undergrad as an Africana Studies minor I graduated with my head and puff up high. As life progressed, and responsibilities increased, I felt the pressure to conform to society. With that came daily flat ironing and weekly pressing comb sessions. Eventually my hair surrendered to this brutality and simply began to fall out. I saw this (at the time) as a reason to up-the-ante and resorted to weaves, extensions, and any other means to hide my extremely damaged hair.
This past summer a light bulb turned-on in my head; I had an epiphany. I work with middle school aged students on a consistent basis. As a role model, I pride myself in not only “talking the talk” but “walking the walk.” I not only guide them on what they need to do to become successful, I also like to lead by example with how I present…well, moi. What message was I sending them with a shoulder length weave? I especially wanted the girls I work with to have confidence and truly love themselves, but I wasn’t doing the same. After I came to this revelation I decided to simply return back to my au naturale look, and here I am! It’s been an adjustment for me, but I am happy I made the decision to be me.
So once again, let me allow me to Re-Introduce myself… I am NaturalE, an Urban Naturalista!

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