Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Out and About: @ Club Touch

I’m sure you folks have all been HERE before: You have been invited to an event weeks ago and hadn’t given it much thought until it arrived. There you are feverishly alternating between staring at your closet, looking on-line for style inspiration, phoning a friend for back-up, and looking at the venue of the website to no avail.  What do you do? I have found myself in this situation far too many times. To the point where my friends check-in with me a few days prior to see if I had given any thought to what I might wear, etc. I prefer to take my time getting dressed, playing my music, styling my hair, and getting a little “pre-partying” done in the meantime. So basically, not knowing what to wear typically means no “pre-partying” for me, plenty of stress to go around for all, and did I mention that it puts me in a pretty funky mood (no longer the girl who you want to spend your next five-six hours with)? LOL.
In fact, this situation happened to me a couple of  Friday's ago when a party that I knew about for weeks was now mere hours away. In an effort to make good on my New Year’s resolution, rather than sulk and throw some sort of clothing tantrum, I simply put my hand in the closet and decided to make whatever I pulled out work. My solution was simple: I would wear a dress. I originally bought it from H&M and intended to wear it for work until I tried it on and realized…it probably wasn’t appropriate for my line of work. I could just hear my mother saying  “…too tight is not a fit.”  I decided that I’d pair my dress with some black platform pumps, create a twist out, and I was out the door.  The event was at a club in Manhattan called Touch located on W 52nd Street.

The final result: Simple, but I liked it. 
 The Good: Any time I go to a club or lounge in The City I expect to hear certain genre’s of music – hip-hop, pop, and maybe even some reggae. However, I was totally shocked when the DJ started shouting out Islands and asking people which ones they were representing. I expect this in most Brooklyn clubs that I frequent. In a club in Manhattan like say Rebel, yes, I expect it. I couldn’t be happier when the whole crowd started jumping to “Palance,” one of last years hottest soca songs.  This was the highlight of my night!  The venue itself was decent; but, I must admit that I expected more based on the photos from their website.

My baby sis and I. 
The Bad: The way Touch is designed allows people on the second floor to look down onto the  the first floor. I went up there for a few minutes when I first entered Touch. It was a great view of what was going on down below. However, there was no room to dance there so I made my way back downstairs. Unfortunately, some people do not go to clubs to dance. At Touch, apparently, these “non-dancers” prefer to stand on the second floor and “sprinkle” their drinks on the unwitting dancers below. I thought it was pretty pathetic that people would get up, get dressed, leave their house, pay to enter a club and then sprinkle their drinks on people, whether consciously or unconsciously.

The Dirty:  So picture this, a slow song comes on and (I honestly can’t remember which one so feel free to insert your own favorite slow jam here) the DJ yells, “…all the light skin women put your hands up…” Um? What do you do?  I tried to think of some scenario or rationale that could have justified his bold remark, but I came up with nothing. If you’re (like me) were somehow hoping that he followed this up with a “…all my dark skinned ladies put your hands up…” he didn’t. Honestly, even if he did it would still have been ridiculous to me. It was at that point I knew it was time to leave. The euphoria that came over me during my short lived jump to Palance had officially been squandered.
Probably talking about that DJ! 

Would I go back to Touch? I doubt it!  

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