Monday, January 24, 2011

Out and About: Ocean's 8 at Brownstone Billiards

This place is one of my favorite weekend hang-out spots in Brooklyn because it’s pretty low-key and has a little bit of everything for everyone. At one point in time I could be described as a regular - being greeted by the wait staff, ordering from the menu without needing to see it, having special requests honored with little to no difficulty (I have a healthy obsession with pickles) - just feeling quite comfortable as if I were at home. Now, even though I do not frequent the establishment as often as I use to, I still enjoy the time I spend there.

Someone call the WPBA (Womens Professional Billiards Association) they're missing out on a NATURAL! 
The Hair: An old twist out banana clipped with a pomp in the front.
The Good: There are a lot of pool tables, but if pool is not your thing there is also air hockey, mini-bowling, ping pong, and a few other arcade games. Although I have never played any of these games it is still nice to have options. There is also a bar, a dining area for folks who just want to take in the scene, and a “VIP” section. There are a couple of TV projectors with screens for your viewing pleasure perfect for game nights and the occasional Ultimate Fighting Championship bout. The drink menu is so-so. However, there’s a whole bar at your disposal so you can create whatever drink your heart desires.  The wait staff serves you at your assigned pool table if you’re not dining at the bar which is a blessing because no one wants to walk away from a game of pool while you’re in the zone. If you’re lucky, you can catch their five dollar special on random menu items which can be anything from the shrimp basket (my personal favorite) to chicken wings.
Yes...that IS the 8 ball...

The Ugly: There are about 30 pool tables, but a few of them are dare I say “classic”. It feels like Russian Roulette when requesting a pool table. Basically, you never know what kind of quality you will get in a  table. I cannot proclaim to a skilled pool player (although I often do once I start playing), so the table quality isn't a problem for me.  In some parts of the venue there are wider spaces between some pool tables than with others. Therefore, the occasional bump from players at other tables or waiting to take shots occurs frequently on nights when it’s crowded. Fair warning I love this place but don’t order their $5 nachos! They were by far the worst nachos I've ever had. The cheese tasted old and dry.  There was supposed to be meat somewhere on them, but it was so sparse that it was hard to find. The tortilla chips seemed less than fresh. Everything else I had ordered from their menu had been great, just not the nachos!

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