Saturday, January 7, 2012

1 year down, many more to go!

Hey Folks,

With all the hype about 'Fro Fashion Week and Carnival I totally forgot to mention my Blogiversary! One year ago yesterday (1/6/11) I published my first post and made my debut into the blogging world. 366 days and 205 posts later I am still enjoying every moment of it!  I want to thank everyone who has read my blog, made a comment, follow me on twitter, have liked my FB page and signed up as a follower to the blog !It's what keeps me going (because who wants to talk to themselves = D)! No, seriously you all are my motivation! Here's to another year!



  1. Congrats Nelly!! As long as you keep writing we'll keep reading!! Here's to another year of prosperity at The Kinky Chronicle. Congrats again!!

  2. Congratz Nellz! Proud of your milestone. I plan on updating and upgrading site in days to come, (put a place marker post in meantime) at the moment, I meeting personal challenge to complete an overdue NYE goal. Hugs!
    Like visiting Your site in between the pauses!

  3. happy blogiverssary....huggies!


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