Thursday, January 12, 2012

Fit 4 Carnival (and a tiny rant)- 35 Days to go...

Where can I start? I feel guilty. I did not work out last night and I have no plans on working out tonight either. Couple this with the fact that although I have made some major changes to my diet (last night  I actually  said NO THANK YOU  to Popeye's) and normal routines when I look in the mirror I see little to no difference. -_-
I realize it has only been a week but I want to see results for my sacrifices (can you blame me?). Just as I was starting to loose hope a workout  video from Fit 4 Carnival, a website designed to focuses on getting people physically prepared for carnival, popped in my inbox:

I have done a few of her workouts and plan on adding this one to my repertoire. Check her out here!

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