Monday, January 9, 2012

Carnival Boot Shopping!! - 38 Days left

This past weekend I finally had the opportunity to look for my boots for Carnival Monday and Tuesday. Although there are many great sights for boots online such as,,, and I prefer to try before I buy. Boots for Carnival above all things must be comfortable! The only way to ensure a good fit is to put your foot in the boot, jump around, and chip through the store. Where does a girl go to look for the perfect carnival boot? Rainbow!

As you can see Rainbow had plenty of boots to choose from. Aside from comfort I was specifically looking for boots that were narrow around the calf (I have small calves and ankles) in a color that would be easy to make brown (perhaps with a brown or copper glitter spray) Here are a few pairs that caught my eye:

Loved the way these fit my calf. Also loved that the color because it would simple to paint over.

Love at first sight. This boot has carnival  Monday written all over it AND no need to decorate!

It is hard to tell from the picture but this boot has a small wedge heel. I am dying to wear a wedge this Carnival Tuesday.

Similar to the boot above.
Thought thse were cute!

I love these. Definitely for the DARING!
All boots were priced between 19.99-34.99 perfect pricing for a boot you may only wear once or twice. Which one did I choose? In time I will tell! ; )

Where do you buy your boots for carnival?

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