Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Hair Bows and Other Forever 21 Finds:

Happy Hump Day! I just wanted to share a few hair accessories that I bought from Forever21 the other day with you all. I was never really fond of  accessories in my hair because  I always thought they made me look juvenile and immature. Despite these concerns I am absolutely digging the new "hair bow" trend that I have been seeing around the blogoshpere lately. So much so that I decided to buy my own.

Excuse the pics...I am still learning how to take interesting pics of inanimate objects!!!
 I loved the vibrant color of these headbands as well as the lightweight chiffon material. The headbands came in five colors: salmon, magenta, royal, yellow, and turquoise (the one that I did not purchase).

See caption above. ; )

Yes, I bout 4 of the 5 colors they had in the store, but at 3.80 a piece I had to!

BONUS PIC: My new addiction --> stud earrings and I was so happy when I found these.
Are you into the new hair bow trend? If so, do you rock other hair accessories as well?

Tp purchase these from Forever 21 click HERE!

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