Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Why is Monday Wear So Stressful?-43 Days

Monday Wear! A few years ago if I told someone I was stressed out over what I would wear on Carnival Monday they would look at me as if I had just  swallowed a hundred dollar bill! Just crazy! I miss the days when on Carnival Monday you would roll out of bed (or come home and change clothes from jourvet)  take the top of your costume out of the bag it came in (yes, the BAG), put it on with  some shorts, grease your skin, rub on some glitter, get your whistle, and be on your merry way. Now Carnival Monday is PRESSURE! I have been racking my mind looking at blogs ( and are my fav blogs for all things carnival) and pictures of carnivals past (,, and are great resources) and all I have so far is this:

What IS that you ask? Orange metallic  hot shorts, teal, orange, and clear rhinestones in various sizes, and a beige longline bra. (-_-) Somewhere along the line I lost my vision. HELP!
Has anyone finalized their Monday wear outfit? Is anyone planning to wear whatever the band provides?


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