Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A First and Last- Miss Jessie's Curly Pudding

Lol @ this pic! I Can't take credit for this... I borrowed it from Girlandhair.wordpress.com. It was love at first sight. ; )

Ok, maybe the title to this post, and the picture above, is a tad hasty. Especially since I honestly think you should try a new  hair product a few times in order to get a true sense of how it works with your hair. However at this current moment if I put my hand in my hair I can feel little "chunks" of Curly Pudding bits in it (Yes...I officially have gritty hair -_-).  In all fairness I think I should start from the beginning, the chunky/grittiness that I am experiencing  may be as much my fault as it is Miss Jessie's. Tell me what you think.

Last week I decided that I wanted to rock the most fabulous twist out for New Years Eve. I wanted defined ringlets, a glossy shine, and full hair. Twist outs and I (much like wash and go's) never really get along. Typically I end up having to  pin up my hair into some type of textured coif in an attempt to conceal the madness. As a result I decided to give Curly Pudding a try ( thanks Rockie for letting me borrow it) to see if I would get different results.  Before applying the Curly Pudding I washed my hair with  the Miss Jessie's Super Slip  Sudsy Shampoo followed with Joico's Moisture Recovery Conditioner (I love this combination of products, it provides great slip and makes my hair a breeze to detangle).

After rinsing my hair thoroughly I applied  ApHogee's Keratin 2 Minute Reconstructor. The bottle states that you should sit under a hooded dryer for a few minutes after you apply it  however  I sat under my steamer for a little over 10 minutes instead. This year one of my hair goals is to have protein treatments become a regular part of my washing routine. At this moment  the products I plan on using to accomplish this is ApHogee's Keratin 2 Minute Reconstructor, ApHogee's 2 Step Protein Treatment, and Henna.

Once my hair was thoroughly rinsed and blotted dry with a t-shirt I added my new staple products: Kera Care Leave-In Conditioner, Vatika Oil , and a little bit of Jane Carter's Nourish and Shine on the ends of my hair.  I have found this combination of products to leave my hair feeling light, fluffy, and most importantly moisturized.

My staple products for winning the battle against DRYNESS!
A few weeks ago I mentioned to you all that I went to a hair dresser who advised me that my hair was extremely porous. In other words my hair was bone dry and I needed to learn how to lock moisture into my strands. Once she uttered those words to me all I have ever been concerned about was  making sure my hair is anything but dry. A a result of this I was apprehensive about using the Ms. Jessie's Curly Pudding by itself on my hair. I was not willing to sacrifice my hair's health for long lasting "curls" so I mixed  my new find, Jane Carter's Curl Defining Cream, with the Curly Pudding in order to create my twists.

In the words of a friend of mine (and fellow blogger), MISTAKE!!  Once I completed the twists and looked in the mirror I noticed that there was a lot of residue in my hair. Concerned that it would remain I blotted the excess out of my hair with a paper towel. Although this helped with the extra gunk I could not help but notice that there were balls of white "material" in my hair. Of course I did what any natural who had to go out in a few hours would do; I rubbed it to see if it would melt with the heat from my fingers. Sadly I had no such luck. Unfortunately they "balls" were pretty solid, and kept their form no matter how much I tried to rub them out.

I was less successful with my blotting in the back of my hair. Can you see the white residue? NO BUENO!
So what happened next? I pinned my twist out up. Irony at its best!  Here was the resulting look:

Not a  Fan of this pic but it is a decent texture shot.

The Next Day...
The Third Day....

As you can see by day three the twist out was pretty much marching to beat of it's own drummer. In addition to that the grit became harder to hide as I began to play around in my hair more. Today, day four, I am rocking a tuck and roll and that will more than likely be my style for the week. I apologize for the lack of pictures of my tuck and roll however the camera is dead.

Final thoughts: I would not say that either the Curly Pudding or the Curl Defining Cream are products that should not be used. I am pretty sure independently they give a great hold, and  a soft twist, respectively. However these products combined can be the beginning of a tragic story.  My hair feels great though, despite the grit!

Have you tried either Miss Jessie's Curly Pudding or Jane Carter's Curl Defining Cream for a twist out? What were your results?


  1. Strangely, I love Miss Jessie's Curly Pudding (purple) cause of it's scent. In fact, I just doubled up with their buy one get one free sale. 'Though I'm waiting for summer to use.

    Their product I am using now is Super sweet back treatment ... not sure if using it correctly but it does wonders for my hair, though I hate the price $58. I simply dampen my hair with a spray bottle and run the product not too much in my hair ... and my hair looks like silk!

  2. I love the smell too! I might try it again during the summer months when I do not feel my hair is as dependent on heavy moisturizers. I have used the Super Sweet Back Treatment as well in the past but the price is a huge deterrent. Hope you stocked up on that too during the BOGO sale. ; )

  3. I just started using miss Jessie's because of the buy one get one sale and I actually liked it. It gave me a great twist out and I didn't have a lot of shrinkage. I mixed the miss Jessie's with a little bit of grease and it was almost perfect!!!!

  4. Ok...now I am convinced I must try it again. Thanks for the advice. What kind of grease did you use?

    1. Sorry, not a fan of Miss Jessie’s Curly Pudding as well. I think it works only for some hair types?? My friends love it, but as for my hair, it does not give it that moisture it needs. I mostly use Baby Butter Cream!! Now.. That works better for me!!


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