Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Proof --> Day 41/Day 40

40 days until carnival! I missed day 41 (yesterday) so today's post will have to count for both day 41 and 40. In all fairness this post should count as  two  because I am going to reveal  *clears throat* my  belly. Trust me I was really apprehensive about doing this; exposing  my belly in it's true form (not sucked in, no Spanx, etc) OMG!  However my hope is that this will be both informative for others  and therapeutic for me especially since I will post updates as the weeks wind down to show my *fingers crossed* progress. So far the plan for my new and improved "carnival belly" is as follows.
  • Work out AT LEAST FIVE times per week. Working out can be jogging across the Brooklyn Bridge, attending a hour long fitness class (bootcamp, etc), working out at home with a fitness dvd  for a hour.
  • Complete one of the Dr. Oz belly blasting moves every day.
  • Consuming a minimal amount of carbs during the day and NO carbs after 6pm.
  • Taking the stairs only at work, no elevator.
  • Finally use my New York Sports Club Groupon ; )
That's all I have for now. Is there anything else you would suggest? I am willing to try almost anything (except diet
Well, I have stalled long is what I am working with now!

No..that's not a baby thats my GUT!

*Big Sigh*

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