Thursday, January 5, 2012

More Belly Than Bam Bam- 42 Days

That will be me in a few weeks! Source:Triniscene
For Carnival 2012 I have worked out more often and harder than I EVER have. My motivation? This year for the first time I will be rocking a frontline costume and I aspire to have a "frontline"body to go with it. Yes, I am slim but I have one or two sections of my body that could use some *ahem* adjustments.  My arms and my gut!  I confess I have a bit of a belly. To date, in order to combat the extra bulge, I have been taking hour long boot camp classes, planking whenever I can (it is the ultimate core exercises) and running across the Brooklyn Bridge. I feel stronger but my stomach has';t changed a bit. With the countdown to my arrival to Trinidad inching into less than 40 days I have to admit I am NERVOUS.  Just when I thought I lost all hope I happened to catch an episode of Dr. Oz in which he tackled this very topic. One of my take aways was this handy dandy  belly busting cheat sheet (yes, I only have one take away. You know an episode of Dr. Oz can be an information overload).

 Have any of you tried any of these? What exercises help you battle the bulge? Most importantly, do you think I have enough time to win this battle?

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