Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Hairstyle of the Week!-Pinned Up and Protected

Hey Peeps!

It has been a while since I have written a Hairstyle of the Week post. Months, actually. Lately I haven't done anything exciting with my hair. Most mornings I wake up and after moisturizing my hair I grab a few bobby pins and roll and tuck my hair until it looks half decent and go on my merry way.  Despite the fact that my ends were tucked away the majority of the time  I was still experiencing dry hair and more recently hair breakage (my guess is that the daily bobby pinning began reeking havoc on my ends and began causing breakage). This  weekend I decided it was time to take charge of my hair once again and I did a protein treatment with ApHogee Two Step Protein Treatment and created a protective twist style to give my strands a rest.

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Voila! : )

Ok, so what did I use to create this style? Please see the pic below:

I know it may look like a lot (and I just noticed one of the products that I used is missing from the picture) but I assure you that each product had a specific and necessary purpose.

Wash & Condition:
  • Miss Jessie's Super Sudsy Slip Shampoo---I apologize for my constant raving about this product BUT..... I love this stuff. It has made washing my hair such a great experience.
  • Joico Moisture Recovery Conditioner- Another new found love. This coupled with Miss Jessie's is a tangled girls dream! Plus it is PH balanced, can't beat that.
  • ApHogee Two Step Protein Treatment-- I know I have mentioned another ApHogee product in the past but the Two Step Protein Treatment was a staple product for me when I was pressing my hair religiously. In fact the bottle I am using now is the same one I was using during that time period in my life. This protein treatment promises to stop breakage in its tracks. I admit it is a bit alarming when you apply it to your hair because it hardens quickly  but for the results it is worth the scare!
  • ApHogee Balancing Moisturizer (not pictured)--  a must have when using ApHogee's Two Step Protein Treatment. This product adds much needed moisture to your strands after the extensive douse of protein.
Leave-In Conditioners:
  • Kera Care Natural Textures Leave in Conditioner-- With a PH of 5 this conditioner leaves my hair feeling extremely soft and seals my cuticles. Another must!
  • Vatika Oil-- Coconut oil has been used to moisturize strands for years. I always use Vatika Oil to ensure that my hair is moisturized from roots to tip.
  • Jane Carter's Nourish and Shine- I love the way this product smells and moisturizes my hair. When I am not suing it for styling  I use it to seal in all the benefits of the Vatika Oil and Kera Care.
  • Kera Care Natural Textures Defining Custard For Curls and Coils-- I haven't used this often since I purchased it but it creates amazing twists and makes my hair feel soft and fluffy. It is also PH balanced with a PH of 5.
  • Castor Oil- Lately I have been playing around with Castor Oil in my hair to help battle the dryness I was experiencing with my tuck and rolls. This time around I decided to use it on my scalp and the base of my hair because after the protein treatment my roots felt dry, plus I have read that it stimulates hair growth.
  • African Formula Super Grow Hair Gel- I have used this gel every day since I purchased it to slick the edges of my tuck and rolls. This weekend I used it to create my flat twists and at the base of the twists in the front of my hair (to ensure that they stayed in place). I am going to do a review on this gel shortly so be on the lookout!
See, each  product has a purpose. More importantly my hair feels great and has a healthy sheen (some might say shine or bling) to it. I love this combo and I believe I will be using it for a while.

Here are some more pics of the style:

The back....
Want to recreate this? It's simple! The back of my hair was twisted in medium sized twists. The front of my hair was also twisted but in slightly smaller twists for more volume. I then flat twisted (4 on each side) the sides of my hair. After all the twists and flat twist were completed I divided the back of my hair in half and rolled each side up and pinned. I kept pinning until all of the remaining twists were at the crown of my head then I simply rolled the remaining twists backwards and pinned.

Still seem complicated? I received a flip cam for my birthday so  hair style how to videos are on the horizon. ; )

What are your staple hair products?


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