Sunday, January 22, 2012

Crease proof, sweat proof, rub proof, and torrential downpour proof!

It's true! I never thought I would meet a drug store eyeshadow that did exactly what you wanted it to do (STAY PUT) until today! Maybelline's Eyestudio line has created a cream eyeshadow called 24 hour tattoo that holds up to its name. Mind you I did not go to Rite Aid with the intentions of purchasing this product but was immediately drawn in by the claim that the shadow would last for 24 hours no matter what! This is a carnival essential for those of you like myself who will not have a make up artist doing your makeup Carnival Monday and Tuesday.

As soon as I saw this ad in Rite Aid I knew I had to own this. BTW, isn't she beuatiful!

Without flash...

With Flash....

The two colors I purchased were Fierce and Tangy and Tenacious Teal. I am not sure about you but as a dark skinned chica anytime I have purchased a bright colored eyeshadow I would have to use another product as a base in order to make the "true" color standout. Not with these shadows, the color is bright and rich without having to use much product.

Tancious Teal & Feirce and Tangy. The swatches were created with a tiny amount of shadow on my finger nail.

I will never forget the RAIN that fell in Barbados in 2011 for Cropover. I was drenched and everyone around me looked like a wet fowl! I have never been miserable playing mas until that day. Rain is one of those things you can't do a thing about. You can't play mas properly with an umbrella so anything you can do to ahead of time to preserve your "carnival sexy" you should (ie. Fletch dry powder and water proof makeup).

The poor feathers didn't stand a chance!
Source: Trini Jungle Juice

Not even my girl RiRi could defeat the rain!
Source:Trini Jungle Juice

I decided to call Maybelline's bluff and see what the eyeshadow would do when subjected to pouring (hot) water.

After about five minutes I removed my hand from the water and voila...

This eyeshadows staying power is no joke. I ended up having to rub it off (aggressively) with a paper towel and at first it wouldn't even budge. I haven't used this eyeshadow yet but I will let you all know when I do. My fear is with a shadow like this will blending be difficult? I have read a few reviews and many people compare this eyeshadow to a MAC paint pot. Does the paint pot blend well? Lastly, are there any other make up products that truly do last for a long length of time? I am trying to stock up!

BTW....I leave for Trini in 25 days! *dancing*


  1. I am currently on the hunt for carnival make-up, thank you for sharing this product as I also do my own make-up for carnival.

  2. Anytime! They have a few other colors as well, I am sure you can find some to compliment your costume. Now I am on the hunt for a foundation or primer that can last as well. Carnival is truly a labor of love! ; )

  3. MAC paint pot does not blend well, and dries up quickly. You're better off using a Concealer as a base.


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